What’s the Best Drink for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Are you planning to host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner? Or have you been dubbed with making sure that the guests have drinks? Choosing the right selection of drinks for a hearty meal can seem like a challenge. However, with a few quick tips you can easily narrow down your choices and make selections that are suitable for you and your guests.

Types of Drinks
While you would like to provide a variety of drinks you don’t want to overdo it with too many choices. You end up wasting a lot of money on drinks that no one has any interests in. So the first order of business is to separate the drinks into categories. You should always have water and juice choices for children and those who do not drink. If you want to splurge, sparkling water, cider, or grape juice are a nice touch for non alcoholic choices. For your alcoholic drinks you should select a few different wines.
Don’t be intimidated
When you hear the word wine you should not be intimidated by all the different varieties and flavors there are out there. If you follow the below tips you should be well on your way to selecting wine choices that everyone will enjoy.
Choose Your Price
How much you’re willing to spend on beverages is one of the most important aspects to deciding which types of wines you can choose from. In order to do this you may need to determine, how many guests you’re expecting as well as how many glasses of wine they will likely drink. By using these numbers you’re able to determine how much you can spend per bottle and stay within your budget.
Ignore Pairing Rules
Okay so you’ve likely heard the traditional red wine for hearty meals and white wine for fish dinners right? Well, you should throw tradition to the side as thanksgiving meals are often a mixture of hearty and light foods. As a result just choose wines that compliment most dishes.
Light Bodies Wines
Alright, as you already know Thanksgiving is a long day. Your guests will ideally drink off and on from the time they arrive until they leave. As a result it is best to select wine choices that goes down with ease and also low in alcohol content as you don’t want to end up with a household full of drunks. Some ideas might include a light pinot noir or a sweet Riesling.
When shopping for your Thanksgiving wines don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. There is nothing wrong with asking an attendant to help you in choosing a wine that is suitable for your guests. Another thing to keep in mind is to get something that you like to drink. You don’t always have to take the advice of an expert to know what tastes good. Have confidence in your choices while still looking out for everyone involved. With any luck, everyone will enjoy the wine, the meal, and of course, the time spent together.

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