What is the Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu?

It is just about that time of year when you get together with those you love and care about the most to express your deepest gratitude and thanks. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that is celebrated by families all around the country. However, it is commonly reported as one of the most stressful holidays of the year. Why? There is a lot of planning and cooking involved for those who host in their homes. Deciding what to cook, how to cook it, and even how much to cook can become so overwhelming. Below, is a bit of help for those looking for a traditional Thanksgiving spread.


What is Thanksgiving without the main events? Having plenty of meat is important when cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu. The life of the party of course is going to be the “big bird” on campus. Thanksgiving turkey is number one of the list of traditional spreads. The turkey can be fresh or frozen and thawed and of course it comes in different sizes. Other meats that might be deemed traditional for the holiday include: ham, Cornish hens, and roast beef. If you’re having a huge crowd over, going with a variety of meats is always ideal.


This is probably the one time of year where your children won’t give you a hard time about eating their veggies. There is just something about the spice and seasonings found in traditional Thanksgiving veggies that no one can resist their delicious taste. The vegetable that you simply can’t do without would be collard greens. Other veggies to include could be: string beans, cabbage, or salad.

Side Dishes

Of course you have to have something to compliment the veggies for your traditional Thanksgiving spread. Starches are also a must have and seem to complete the meal. One of the main side dishes includes stuffing! This yummy breaded side goes great with gravy and can be found in several different flavors including cornbread, chicken, and turkey flavors. Other sides you might have include: baked mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, or a pasta dish (if you have vegetarians coming to the home a pasta side is ideal).

Everything Else

Other things that are common to have in a Thanksgiving Day dinner menu would include: dinner rolls, cornbread, cranberry sauce, and gravy. These things while small make up a huge portion of the meal and will be missed if they are not there.


After eating all that delicious food the only thing left to feast your appetites on is your desserts. Commonly families will have desserts that include: sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. However, you can also add a cake and some ice cream to the mix so you’re not full on pies only.

Tradition is really about what you make it. However, when you view the above listed sections you will see exactly how much food is involved. You can add a few things to the list to start creating your own traditions that you and your family can enjoy year after year.

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