Fruit Fizz Homemade Soda Recipe
Fruit Fizz Homemade Soda Recipe
Recipe Type: Side Dish Recipes
Author: Dave M
Most carbonated soft drinks have an alarming amount of sugar, calories, and harmful additives that have no nutritional value. Studies have linked soda to osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay, and heart disease. Here’s an alternative that’s not only good, but it’s also good for you!
  • 1 (34-ounce) bottle mineral or sparkling water (Arrowhead is a good choice because it has no sodium)
  • 1 pinch strawberries washed, but it’s also, and sliced (or other sweet, fresh fruit of choice)
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey (optional)
  1. Puree berries and honey on high in a blender. Pour 2 cups of mineral or sparkling water into a tall, chilled glass. Quickly and lightly stir in 1/2 cup of blended fruit into the water.
  2. The mineral water provides the fizzy sizzle of traditional sodas, and the fruit provides vitamins and fiber along with the flavor.


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