California Sushi Canapés

California Sushi Canapés

Capture the authentic flavors of California rolls in your own kitchen with these impressive sushi appetizers! Author: By Betty Crocker Kitchens Total Time: PT1H40M

Prep time: 
Cook time:
Yield: 32

Serving size: 32
Calories per serving: 27

1 cup of water
3/4 cup uncooked sushi rice
2 tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 teaspoons finely chopped gingerroot
1 teaspoon roasted red chili paste
1 small English (seedless) cucumber
1 sheet roasted seaweed nori sheets (8x7 inch; from 1-oz package), cut into 8 rows by 4 rows
2 tablespoons sesame seed, toasted
1/2 avocado, peeled, cut lengthwise into thin slices
1/2 red bell pepper, finely chopped (or thinly sliced carrot or very small pieces of avocado)


1 In 1-quart saucepan, heat 1 cup water, and the rice to boiling. Reduce heat to low. Cover; simmer 15 to 20 minutes or until tender. Transfer to a large bowl, tossing rice with chopsticks or 2 forks to cool slightly. Gradually add vinegar, tossing constantly. Cover bowl with a damp towel; cool rice about 45 minutes or until room temperature.

2 Meanwhile, in a small bowl, stir together sauce ingredients. Cover; refrigerate until ready to assemble canapés.

3 Cut cucumber into 32 slices, each about 1/4 inch thick. Arrange on serving platter. For each canapé, place 1 piece of nori on each cucumber slice. Top each with about 1/4 teaspoon sauce. Scoop rice using 1 measuring teaspoon, pressing rice against the side of the bowl to pack into a spoon and hold the shape of a spoon. Carefully remove rice from a spoon; dip flat side into sesame seed and place, flat side down, on the sauce. If necessary, carefully reshape rice with fingers. Top with bell pepper or other toppings (or a combination). Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate up to 2 hours.


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